Wall Covering Install

Lay out planks on a flat surface: Lay out all of the planks in the box the way you want them on your wall, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

 Clean & Paint: Clean off any dirt/dust on your wall before applying any of the accent wall pieces. If there are holes in the planks, paint the wall at the location of the hole with a dark color to conceal light paint behind. You may find it more convenient to paint your entire wall.
Mark your studs: Find and mark your studs to ensure fasteners hold the planks tight to the wall.
•  Remove Wall Outlets and Light Switch Covers: Measure where your outlets/light covers will be on your accent wall  material. Using a jig saw, cut out the wood that covers outlets/light cover areas so you can re-apply them to your wall.

•  Apply the top, middle, or bottom piece first: If you are applying a horizontal accent wall, use a level. If you are applying a   diagonal accent wall, place your first piece at the angle you prefer.
•  Use fasteners on studs: Carefully put fasteners through accent wall material into
marked studs.
  Adhesive (optional): If you choose to use wood glue or another form of adhesive, apply directly to back side of accent wall    material right before placing and securing pieces on your wall.

* Reclaimed wood by nature is inconsistent. We mill it to 1/8’’ tolerances.
Please examine each piece prior to install and plan accordingly.

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Gather your tools and supplies before you begin.
Here is what you will need for most wall covering installations:
• Tape measure & Pencil
• Paint, brush and/or roller
• Level
• Power or Table Saw
• Brad Nailer/Hammer
• Nails
• Eye goggles (must be worn when using any power or hand tools)